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Your Rights Explained

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As a consumer living in New Zealand, you have rights under the Privacy Act 2020 in relation to the access, storage and use of your personal credit information. Learn more about your rights.

Six credit score myths - busted

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Is a credit score the same as a credit file? Does your credit score determine if you get approved for a loan? We bust the top six credit score myths!

COVID + Credit: Protecting yourself and your credit file

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Scams and hacking attempts are rife – with both individuals and companies being targeted. So, how can you protect yourself or your business from cyber security threats? And what are the red flags? Here’s some of our most frequently asked questions.

COVID + Credit: How to prioritise when money is tight

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While you should do your best to pay your bills on time every month, we understand that life can get in the way. Prioritising bills can make a huge difference to your long-term financial recovery. Here are our tips to prioritise when money is tight.

Your questions answered - the impact of COVID-19 on your credit file

/ Credit Finances Covid-19

At Equifax we have had a number of queries from customers asking how the current situation will impact their credit report and score, especially if they are struggling to pay bills on time. Or, what happens if they apply for a mortgage deferral. We answer some of those questions for you below.

Why have I been declined credit?

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There are number of reasons why a lender may decide to decline your credit application. When you first apply for credit, credit providers such as lenders, phone or utilities companies can check your credit history alongside the information you have provided as part of your application process.

Using credit cards to build your credit profile

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Credit cards can be an excellent way of building a strong credit history, as long as you stay on top of your payments.

How can I improve my credit record?

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For anyone juggling payments and bills from various essential service providers, from electricity and phone connections to rent or a mortgage, getting on top of their credit score may feel like a looming goal. However, with a few changes, you can begin to repair an unfavourable credit report.

Protecting yourself against identity theft

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Identity theft can occur to anyone - at its core, it involves the perpetrator masquerading as someone else in order to steal money or access other personal details.

Quick steps to protect yourself from identity theft

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Check out our quick guide to what to do if you are a victim of identity theft.

Maintaining your credit worthiness

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By following these simple steps, you can monitor and maintain your credit reputation.

Amendment No 9 to the Code

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Assure compliance with new regulatory changes.