My Credit File Express

My Credit File Express

Discover your credit history with your credit report from Equifax, New Zealand's leading credit bureau

$9.95 inc GST, delivered within 3 business days

Every day thousands of changes are made to credit reports, such as credit provider enquiries, new addresses, payment defaults and account repayment history.

With your own personal copy of your credit report you can see what lenders and other credit providers like phone and utilities companies can check when you make an application.

My Credit File Express is a great place to start. Simply supply us with a few details to identify you, and for $9.95 inc GST, you will receive your credit report within three business days.

Features & benefits

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    See what banks and other credit providers see

    Find out what is on your credit report before you apply for credit

    Not all credit reports are the same. Your Equifax credit report will likely provide you with the most complete view of your credit history in New Zealand. This is important as it is what lenders like banks, as well as telephone, electricity and gas companies can refer to when you make an application for a loan, credit card, mortgage or contract for a phone or electricity. Getting your up to date Equifax credit report means there are no surprises for you when you apply.


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    Been declined credit?

    Find out why you have been declined

    With a copy of your own personal credit report you can see past applications you have made for credit, your repayment history (subject to your lender providing this information to Equifax) as well as overdue debts that you have been listed as a default for. You can also check if this information is accurate, and if not, Equifax can investigate any inaccuracies for you.

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    Improve your credit reputation

    It is one of your biggest assets

    By understanding what is on your credit report you can work to improve it over time as it can possibly help you save money by getting a better deal. Check what is contained in your credit file and whether it's up to date and accurate, and know who has obtained a copy of it.

Be alerted to changes on your credit file

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