My Credit Plus

My Credit Plus

Get your credit report plus your Equifax Score Rating* dispatched within 1 business day

$51.95 inc GST

If you need to find out what is on your credit report quickly and get a better understanding of where your credit reputation stands, My Credit Plus can help.

You’ll get your credit report PLUS your Equifax Score Rating within one business day via email so you see your credit history information and can confirm all the details are correct.

Features & benefits

  • See what the banks see

    See what banks and other credit providers see

    Find out what is on your credit report before you apply for credit

    Get your most complete credit report so you get a detailed picture of your credit history before you apply. No one wants to be denied credit. If you're applying for a loan, credit card, mobile phone or electricity contract it is likely that a credit check will be done. That's why it is important to understand what is on your credit report, so there are no surprises when you apply.

  • Protect your credit reputation

    Know your credit reputation

    Your Equifax Score Rating is an indicator to credit providers

    My Credit Plus includes a copy of your credit report PLUS your Equifax Score Rating, giving you more tools to help protect your credit reputation. Your Equifax Score Rating is often used by lenders as part of the process to decide whether or not to extend credit. Your score is dynamic and generated at a point in time. As a result it changes as information is added or deleted from your credit report.

  • Improve your credit report

    Improve your credit report

    Help to investigate unwanted credit report errors

    With your Equifax credit report you can check the information credit providers have shared with us about you is correct. If you notice any inaccuracies Equifax will investigate them for you. No need to spend potentially thousands of dollars with a credit repairer to try and remove a listing.

  • Improve your credit report

    Credit confidence

    Get the most complete picture with your Equifax credit history

    Equifax is a leading credit bureau in New Zealand. In fact, when you get your own personal credit report from Equifax, you can feel confident that you are receiving the most complete picture of your credit history. You’ll be able to view repayment history information (subject to a lender supplying it to Equifax), defaults, as well as public information such as judgments and bankruptcies.


    *Equifax Score Ratings are not provided when any insolvency information is present on your credit file. Insolvency information remains on your credit file for four years from the date of discharge.

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