My Veda Alert

My Credit File, my credit reputation

Every day, thousands of changes are made to Credit Files, such as:

  • New enquires are made by credit providers when you apply for credit.
  • New addresses loaded
  • Information such as payment defaults
  • Account repayment history

Subscribing to the My Veda Alert service is like having health or car insurance. It helps protect you from identity theft and credit fraud.

Your file is used by potential lenders to determine your credit worthiness: Ensure you are in the know with who is accessing it and what they are adding and/or changing on your credit file.

Manage your credit reputation: By being informed you can more proactively manage your credit file.

When you subscribe to My Veda Alert, you will be notified by email within 24 hours when specific information has been added or changed to your credit file. 

  • New Addresses are loaded
  • New Inquiries are made by credit providers when you apply for credit
  • New Payment defaults are loaded
  • New Judgements are loaded
  • New Public Notices are loaded
  • New Insolvencies are loaded
  • New Directorships are loaded
  • Specific Payment Default Status changes 
  • Specific Judgement Status changes
  • Specific Insolvency Status changes
  • New accounts loaded
  • Account repayment history 
  • Account status changes

When you subscribe to My Veda Alert you will also receive a copy of your credit file dispatched to you by email within 1 working day on receipt of payment. To view a sample of the credit file you would recieve if you purchased the My Veda Alert on this page, click here.

Please note: We do not score credit files where insolvency information is present. 

Order My Veda Alert and start enjoying the benefits of email alerts whenever specific information is added or changed to your credit file. 

For less than $2 a week, you can better manage one of your most important assets.



Veda makes freely available your credit file to you. Veda dispatches the file within twenty working days. For more information please visit the Privacy Commissioner website to view the Credit Reporting Privacy Code.